Special Topics Seminars

Building off of the concepts covered in the Foundations Seminar, our Special Topics Seminars are great opportunities to delve deeper into the ways one can achieve or maintain relationship success. All of our seminars are designed to be entertaining, insightful, and fun. These are not therapy sessions.

Next Seminar Topics

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Seminar Specifics

We recommend participating in the Special Topics Seminars after attending the Foundations Seminar. Many of the core relationship concepts covered in the Foundations Seminar will be reviewed in greater detail. However, if you prefer to jump right in and focus on a key aspect of your relationship, the Special Topics Seminars are a great option.

All Special Topics Seminars are two hours in length. A Special Topics Seminar is always scheduled in the afternoon following a Foundations Seminar. Discounts are available when purchasing a Foundations/Special Topics bundle.

The cost of the Special Topics Seminar is $100 per couple. We offer a package registration option to attend both the Foundations Seminar and Special Topics seminar for $200 couple. Register now.

Special Seminar Topic Areas

Topics covered in Special Seminars can cover the full range of relationship experiences:

  • Dealing with a sudden life-changing event (e.g., death in the family or loss of a job)
  • Maintaining a strong connection as new parents
  • Rewriting the past - learn how to make better meanings in your relationships, and better understand how the meanings you made in the past influence what you perceive in the present
  • Improving the quality and increasing the frequency of intimacy
  • Connecting as a couple in the modern age - leveraging technology to bring you and your partner closer
  • Strategies for newlyweds - how to be mindful and happy over the long-term
  • Are men and women really different when it comes to relationships?
  • "How can I say the things I most need my partner to really know about me?"
  • Productive and loving ways to resolve fundamental relationship problems and conflicts.
  • Reigniting sex and passion in our relationship.
  • Communication 101: Understanding and incorporating great skills for a great relationship.
  • "We have kids, jobs and a mortgage! How can we make time for ourselves."
  • Couples' best ways to discuss and manage money.
  • Being a mom or dad: Tips for successful parenting.
  • When work influences family: how to have a successful family AND professional life.
  • "If my parents had a bad relationship, does that mean my relationship is doomed?"
  • Working together toward wellness and a healthy lifestyle - together.
  • Getting along better with our in-laws and families.
  • Strengthening the religious or spiritual foundation of our relationship.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We back every word we say during our seminars and workshops with our full 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied after attending any of our events, we will be happy to refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

"It was nice knowing that the information I received at the seminar was based on decades of research. The case studies were really interesting."

"I never thought about the many ways my relationship influenced my life."

"I wish I had come to this years ago when my husband and I were still newlyweds."

"We spent months planning our wedding, but no time thinking about our relationship. This seminar helped us figure out a plan for our future."

"It was the best money we ever spent on us."

"I thought it was going to be a big therapy session. It was actually entertaining and the science behind the advice made me see the value in being there."