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We continuously add documents and resources that you can download and use with your partner.

These resources include exercises to help you become mindful of important relationship forces and strategies for dealing with sudden major life stresses, such as the loss of a job.

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Media Insights

Walk into a supermarket or a local bookstore and you will see tons of magazines discussing all aspects of relationships. Flip on the TV and try to not find a show that addresses relationships. There is so much information out there, how do you know what is accurate?

Our experts will help you separate fact from romantic fiction in our media insights section. Read more.

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While our experts have a lot to say, our users have great lessons learned, entertaining anecdotes, general advice, and even tips for how they spice things up. That is why we devote an entire section of this site for input from users. Access the vault.

The Relationship Institute Blog

For insightful, practical, and entertaining discussions of all things relationships, follow the Relationship Institute's expert blog. Read our blog.

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Enjoy video of relationship events and topics relevant to all couples. Watch video.


"It was nice knowing that the information I received at the seminar was based on decades of research. The case studies were really interesting."

"I never thought about the many ways my relationship influenced my life."

"I wish I had come to this years ago when my husband and I were still newlyweds."

"We spent months planning our wedding, but no time thinking about our relationship. This seminar helped us figure out a plan for our future."

"It was the best money we ever spent on us."

"I thought it was going to be a big therapy session. It was actually entertaining and the science behind the advice made me see the value in being there."