Question of the Week #2

Who has sex more often, married or single people?

You may have heard the old joke: "What do married and single people have in common? Each thinks the other is having less sex."

It turns out that only the married people are right. Compared to people who are married or living in a sexual relationship lasting 1 month or more, non-cohabiting people have sex LESS frequently.

According to a National Health and Social Life Survey, more than 70% of non-cohabitors have sex a few times per month or less. But 85% of married and cohabiting couples have sex a few times per month or MORE.

The authors of the study (Michael, Gagnon, Laumann, & Kolata, 1994) note, "Happiness with partnered sex is linked to happiness with life." The authors could not determine which comes first - general happiness or a good sex life.

We do know there are clear correlations between happiness and a good sex life. More interestingly, happiness is clearly linked to having just one partner.

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