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Accentuate the Positive

This exercise is designed to help you learn how to capitalize upon ordinary positive experiences in ways that can help you connect with your partner. It can even help you with stress reduction.

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How We Make Meaning In Our Relationship

This exercise is designed to help you and your partner understand the subtle and sometimes not so subtle differences in how individuals assign meaning. While most people understand that different people see the world very differently, too often couples overlook how often both partners assign meaning to relationship experiences differently. Is a "serious" argument always defined the same way by both partners? Would you be surprised to learn that some couples disagree about whether they have had sex in the last 24-hours?

Fill out this very brief quiz individually. Then share your answers with your partner. See what areas were similar and where there were differences. Do not get upset if there are differences. Use this as an opportunity to better understand one another.

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What We Bring To Our Relationship

The goal of this exercise is to get you thinking of how your qualities and experiences affect your relationship. You do not need to complete this exercise with your partner, however, we do recommend sharing your insights. Being mindful of the most important qualities and experiences in your life helps you better understand how it affects your relationship.

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"It was nice knowing that the information I received at the seminar was based on decades of research. The case studies were really interesting."

"I never thought about the many ways my relationship influenced my life."

"I wish I had come to this years ago when my husband and I were still newlyweds."

"We spent months planning our wedding, but no time thinking about our relationship. This seminar helped us figure out a plan for our future."

"It was the best money we ever spent on us."

"I thought it was going to be a big therapy session. It was actually entertaining and the science behind the advice made me see the value in being there."